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2 - 3 November 2023

Paris, France


The International Accounting Standards Board will host its 2023 Research Forum in Paris on 2–3 November 2023. It will be held in conjunction with the academic journals Accounting in Europe and European Accounting Review to discuss accounting for intangible assets.

The deadline for submitting research papers for the 2023 IASB Research Forum is 31 March 2023.

Syeda Nusrat Haider, Australian National University 
Hai Wu, Australian National University 

Chair: Araceli Mora, (Co-Guest Editor), University of Valencia
Academic discussant: Yannis Tsalavoutas, University of Glasgow
IASB discussant: Florian Esterer

Audrey Hsu, National Taiwan University
Ting Hsuan Lin, National Taiwan University
Sophia Liu, National Taiwan University

Chair: Araceli Mora, (Co-Guest Editor), University of Valencia
Academic discussant: Ionela Andreicovici, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management
IASB discussant: Robert Uhl

Julia Katharina Wilhelm, University of Augsburg

Chair: Araceli Mora, (Co-Guest Editor), University of Valencia
Academic discussant: Anup Srivastava, University of Calgary
IASB discussant: Bertrand Perrin

Mariana Simões Ferraz do Amaral Fregonesi, University of São Paulo
Maria Paula Cicogna, Maísa Ribeiro, University of São Paulo
Sílvio Nakao, University of São Paulo
Alessandra Segatelli, University of São Paulo

Chair: Araceli Mora, (Co-Guest Editor), University of Valencia
Academic discussant: Thorsten Sellhorn, Munich School of Management LMU
IASB discussant: Ana Simpson

Stefano Zambon, University of Ferrara
Laura Girella, University of Modena & Reggio Emilia
Giuseppe Marzo, University of Ferrara
Stefano Bonnini, University of Ferrara

Chair: Ana Simpson, IASB Technical Staff
Academic discussant: Stefano Cascino, London School of Economics
IASB discussant: Ann Tarca

Didrik Thrane-Nielsen, EFRAG Project Director
Rasmus Sommer, EFRAG Technical Staff

Chair: Anne McGeachin, IASB Technical Staff

Anne Wyatt, Deakin University
Markus Buxbaum, University of Augsburg
Bettina Schabert, University of Augsburg
Wolfgang Schultze, University of Augsburg
Julia Wilhelm, University of Augsburg

Chair: Ann Tarca, IASB Member
Academic discussant: Yong Zhang, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
IASB discussant: Tim Craig, IASB Technical Director

Niclas Hellman, Stockholm School of Economics
Jamil Najjar, Stockholm School of Economics
Milda Tylaite, Stockholm School of Economics

Academic discussant: Morten Seitz, Copenhagen Business School
IASB discussant: Anne McGeachin, IASB Technical Staff