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Preparers and other market participants worldwide are invited to join a new regular series of educational ISSB webinars and podcasts in 2024. This series will complement the capacity-building materials the ISSB has already published.

These webinars and podcasts on preparing for reporting using IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards (S1 and S2) will be available to join live or on-demand and will engage new and experienced preparers through expert presentations and discussions supported by our Partnership Framework.

We plan to provide webinars and podcasts on a range of topics, such as:

  • the business case for early adoption;
  • connectivity of financial and sustainability information in reporting;
  • the transition to IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards from the TCFD recommendations and other voluntary standards and frameworks;
  • good governance of sustainability-related risks and opportunities and sustainability reporting;
  • the value of industry-based disclosures;
  • targets, transition plans and scenario analysis;
  • information on climate calculations using the GHG Protocol;
  • interoperability between jurisdictions;
  • using IFRS S1 to disclose risks and opportunities relating to human capital, human rights and more; completeness, accuracy and other criteria for assurance;
  • integration of IFRS S2 in CDP disclosures and other methods of providing investors access to data;
  • tips for preparers on getting started;
  • communicating the financial effects of sustainability-related risks and opportunities; and
  • ramping up systems and processes for sustainability data.

If you’d like to be informed when this series goes live, sign in to your IFRS account, go to your dashboard and choose to follow 'Applying sustainability standards'.