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The IFRS Foundation held a live webinar on Monday 12 September on the Staff Request for Feedback on the IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Taxonomy to inform the development of an IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Taxonomy for digital reporting.

The staff recommendations, detailed in the staff request for feedback (open for comment until 30 September 2022), focus on fundamental matters that need to be considered early to enable the ISSB to publish an IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Taxonomy on a timely basis.


Technical staff from the IFRS Foundation—Aida Vatrenjak, Jatin Garach, Owen Jones, Ravi Abeywardana and Madhu Mathew—took participants through the following:

  • the ISSB: focus and approach to digital reporting;
  • what is 'digital reporting' and why is it important;
  • the staff draft Taxonomy and request for feedback;
  • how to get involved and next steps; and
  • questions and answers.