On 8 May 2012, the Trustees of the IFRS Foundation issued an updated IFRS Foundation Due Process Handbook for public comment.
The updated Handbook includes due process enhancements recommended by the Monitoring Board Governance Review and Trustees' Strategy Review. It also includes recommendations from the Trustees' Review of the Efficiency and Effectiveness of the IFRS Interpretations Committee (IFRIC).
The proposals are aimed to:

  • consolidate due process requirements of the IASB and IFRIC to a single document
  • provide an in-depth discussion of the process of evaluating the effects of an IFRS
  • describe a more detailed process when developing post-implementation reviews
  • allow the Monitoring Board to refer issues of consideration by the IASB
  • include consideration to the due process requirements during outreach activities conducted by the IASB
  • integrate other enhancements resulting from conversations with the Trustees' Due Process Oversight Committee.

The updated Handbook is a significant rewrite of existing requirements, introducing many new policy level objectives and formalising current practice.
Comments on Invitation to Comment IASB and IFRS Interpretations Committee Due Process Handbook were due by 5 September 2012.

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