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Final stage

On 30 November 2006, the International Accounting Standards Board issued IFRS 8 Operating Segments. IFRS 8 has an effective date of 1 January 2009, superseding IAS 14 Segment Reporting.


The project arose from the International Accounting Standards Board's consideration of FASB Statement No.131 Disclosures about Segments of an Enterprise and Related Information (SFAS 131) issued in 1997, compared with IAS 14 Segment Reporting, which was issued in substantially its present form by the International Accounting Standards Board's predecessor body, International Accounting Standards Committee, in 1997.

The objective of the project was to reduce differences in segment reporting between IFRSs and United States generally accepted accounting principles (US GAAP).

This project was part of the 2006 convergence roadmap between IFRS Standards and US GAAP.

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IFRS 8 Operating Segments