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We offer a broad range of products and services to enhance global sustainability disclosures, including supporting the widespread adoption and implementation of IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards and integrated reporting. 


The SASB Standards identify the sustainability issues most likely to effect financial performance and enterprise value for 77 industries. Asset managers, asset owners, data and research firms and corporate reporting software providers license the SASB Standards and/or the SASB Sustainable Industry Classification System® (SICS®) to focus their processes and products on the sustainability information that matters most to investors. Licensing opportunities help organisations secure the rights to incorporate the SASB Standards’ industry classifications, metrics and/or underlying research into their systems, products or services.


The IFRS Sustainability Alliance combines the SASB Alliance and Integrated Reporting Business Network into a more expansive membership than ever before. It is a diverse global network of members who explore and develop best practices related to sustainability standards and integrated reporting. Organisations and individuals benefit from insights and educational programming related to:

  • environmental, social and governance (ESG) integration and reporting best practices;
  • sustainability standards development;
  • global policy; and
  • academic research. 

Members also receive promotional materials and product discounts.


The FSA Credential is designed for professionals who benefit from understanding the link between financially material sustainability information and a company’s ability to drive enterprise value. To earn the credential, candidates must pass two rigorous two-hour exams that assess professional expertise in the materiality of sustainability information for corporate performance and investment analysis.

The Integrated Reporting Training Programme enables professionals to develop skills and to build capacity for their organisation to implement integrated reporting. The programme—which has two levels, introductory and practitioner—is provided by a variety of approved training partners

For sustainability consultants, the SASB Standards Consultant Content Program offers resources to stay updated about trends regarding the use of SASB Standards and how they relate to changing best practices. Participants receive slide decks and briefings to help them advise their clients. 


The one-day IFRS Sustainability Symposium convenes global businesses, institutional investors, accountants, policymakers and advisors to discuss evolving sustainability disclosures—including progress on the development and use of IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards and of integrated reporting. More information coming soon!