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The IFRS Foundation is pleased to announce several appointments and reappointments to the IFRS Taxonomy Consultative Group (ITCG).

Two new organisations will now participate in the ITCG, as will one new representative of an organisation that has already been participating. Four current members of participating organisations have also been reappointed.

All the following appointments and reappointments take effect from 1 April 2024 and are for a term of one to three years. Members are eligible for reappointment, but can serve for no more than six years.

The ITCG is an expert consultative group that advises both the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) and the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) on their digital taxonomies and related activities.

The IFRS Foundation, including the IASB and ISSB, would like to thank retiring members of the ITCG for their contribution to the development of the IFRS digital taxonomies.

New appointments from organisations not currently represented on the ITCG

Name Organisation Geographical Representation
Isabelle Lamy-Morcate Société Générale Europe
Joanna Nash RQI Investors Global

New appointments from organisations already represented on the ITCG

Name Organisation Geographical Representation
Andie Wood Workiva Global

Reappointments of existing members

Name Organisation Geographical Representation
Ronald van Langen KPMG Europe
Christine Tan FactSet Americas
Joel Vicente CoreFiling Europe
Shelly Wavrin Toppan Merrill Americas

Members retiring

Name Organisation Geographical Representation
Adrien Cloutier Morningstar Global
Sonny Jablonski Workiva Americas
Maria Mora Fujitsu Europe

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