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Webinar 1: IFRS S1 deep-dive on Wednesday 12 July

ISSB Vice-Chair Sue Lloyd and ISSB Acting Executive Technical Director Bryan Esterly will share a detailed overview of IFRS S1 on Wednesday 12 July.

IFRS S1 provides a set of overarching disclosure requirements designed to enable companies to communicate to investors about the sustainability-related risks and opportunities they face over the short, medium and long term.

Webinar 2: IFRS S2 deep-dive on Tuesday 18 July

ISSB Vice-Chair Sue Lloyd and ISSB Technical Staff—S2 Lead Caroline Clark-Maxwell will share a detailed overview of IFRS S2 on Tuesday 18 July.

IFRS S2 Climate-related Disclosures sets out the requirements for a company to disclose information about its climate-related risks and opportunities, building on the requirements described in IFRS S1.

The webinars are available to watch here.

Stay educated

  • Join the IFRS Sustainability Alliance, the global membership programme for sustainability standards and integrated reporting, to gain access to valuable education, tools and peer networking to help you in your sustainability journey.
  • The FSA Credential is the premier, cross-functional ESG credential, offering a curriculum that equips you to navigate the sustainability disclosure landscape and analyse the link between sustainability and financial performance.

Licence ISSB and SASB Standards

  • Embed IFRS S1, IFRS S2 and SASB Standards into investment research processes, corporate reporting software, or other products/services with IFRS Sustainability licensing.

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