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The Global Preparers Forum (GPF) is seeking new members to join the GPF from 1 March 2022. Successful candidates are expected to participate for a term of at least two years, with a maximum term of five years. Membership may be renewed for another term. The maximum total membership period, including renewal, is ten years.

GPF members are drawn from a variety of industries and geographical backgrounds. Members are selected on the merits of their professional competence, active practical experience (including responsibility for IFRS policy and/or external IFRS reporting), and knowledge of IFRS developments.

The GPF welcomes applications from all preparers around the world, but given the current composition of the GPF and upcoming vacancies, its Nominations Committee is particularly interested to hear from candidates based in:

  • North America
  • South America

About the Global Preparers Forum

The GPF is an independent body from the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) and the IFRS Foundation, with the specific objective of providing the Board with regular input from the international community of preparers of financial statements.

The GPF’s members have considerable practical experience of financial reporting and are established commentators on accounting matters in their own right or through their work with the representative bodies with which they are involved. As noted above, members are drawn from a variety of industry and geographical backgrounds; but they are all selected for membership on the merits of their professional competence and practical preparer experience in order to contribute to the development of high-quality, global accounting standards.

The GPF meets with the Board’s representatives three times a year, including one joint meeting with the Capital Markets Advisory Committee (CMAC). Meetings are currently virtual until further notice. These meetings are held in public and an audio recording is made available on the IFRS Foundation’s website shortly after each meeting finishes. Meeting material and access to the webcast is provided via the dedicated meeting page on the website.

Members of the forum:

  • offer advice to the Board on the practical implications of its proposals for preparers of financial statements; and
  • provide input into concepts and proposals that the Board is developing.

Further information can be found here.

Profile of GPF members

The main qualifications for membership of the GPF are professional competence and practical, active preparer experience. Members are expected to maintain liaison with preparer organisations, national standard-setters and other related bodies in their local region. In addition, members are expected to attend and contribute to GPF meetings (which are conducted in English).

Candidates should be:

  • in an active preparer role, for example, Chief Accountant, or a senior direct reporter to the Chief Accountant, with responsibility for IFRS policy and/or external IFRS reporting;
  • sufficiently proficient in English to be able to conduct technical discussions in that language;
  • able to cover their own travel expenses and be available to attend meetings (a candidate will therefore generally require the support of his or her employer);
  • knowledgeable in IFRS and IFRS developments; and
  • linked in with local IFRS accounting groups.

GPF members act in a personal capacity and do not represent their employers. GPF membership is unpaid and expenses fulfilling their role are borne by individual members themselves.

How to apply

Please indicate your interest by emailing, including a covering letter and a brief CV. Any personal data supplied will only be used in the application process for GPF candidate selection.

The closing date for applications is 31 January 2022.


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