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Please find below a brief summary of news and events from the IFRS® Foundation and the International Accounting Standards Board (Board) over the past month:

IASB seeks stakeholders' views on IFRS 9 review

The Board is requesting feedback as part of its post-implementation review of the classification and measurement requirements in its financial instruments Standard, IFRS 9, and related disclosures. The Request for Information is open for comment until 28 January 2022.

Speech: IASB Chair Andreas Barckow on first impressions, intentions and intangibles

Andreas Barckow delivered his inaugural speech at the World Standard-setters Virtual Conference on 27 September 2021. Speaking to delegates from about 70 jurisdictions, he reflected on the first three months of his role and discussed the Board’s agenda in the coming years. He also shared his thoughts on how the Board can collaborate more closely with national standard-setters.

Meet the new Board member: Bertrand Perrin

Bertrand Perrin joined the Board at the beginning of July 2021, filling one of the European seats. This month we published a Q&A with Bertrand in which he talks about his experience as a preparer and what he’s looking forward to most in his new role.

Investor Perspectives: Disclosures in financial statements to better reflect investor needs

Investors have been calling for better disclosures in financial statements, but delivering these proves to be a consistent challenge for companies. To help companies, the Board has proposed a new approach to developing and drafting disclosure requirements in IFRS Standards. Board Member Nick Anderson explains the proposed approach and discusses some of the changes that investors would see in the financial statements.

IASB podcast and Update now available

In the September episode of the IASB podcast, Board Chair Andreas Barckow joins Vice-Chair Sue Lloyd to discuss highlights from September 2021. Projects discussed include Extractive Activities, Financial Instruments with Characteristics of Equity, Dynamic Risk Management, Primary Financial Statements and Goodwill and Impairment. Andreas and Sue also touch on the recent World Standard-setters Conference and the IFRS Foundation Trustees’ work on a proposed International Sustainability Standard Board to operate alongside the IASB. You can also read the full IASB Update for September 2021 and a summary of the IFRS Foundation Trustees meeting held on 20 September 2021.