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The International Accounting Standards Board (Board) has published a webcast for investors summarising the Board’s consultation on reporting mergers and acquisitions (M&As) between companies under common control (transfers of businesses from one company within a group to another).

Such transactions are common around the world and IFRS Standards do not currently specify how companies should report them. As a result, companies report these transactions in various ways and often provide little information about them. The webcast presents suggestions for how the Board could amend IFRS Standards to make reporting more comparable and more transparent and explains how those suggestions would apply to common scenarios of M&As between companies under common control.

The Board invites investors to comment on its suggestions. Those comments will help the Board decide whether to proceed with its suggestions. To complete a short investor survey, or to arrange a 1:1 interview to discuss reporting M&As between companies under common control, please contact

Access the webcast below. This video is also available on our YouTube channel.

Visit the project page for more educational materials, including a one-page factsheet and a snapshot that provides a more detailed overview of the Board’s suggestions.

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