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The IFRS Foundation's quarterly podcast focusing on the work undertaken by the International Accounting Standards Board (Board) and the IFRS Interpretations Committee to support consistent application of IFRS Standards is now available. The podcast reports on discussions at meetings of the Interpretations Committee and provides an overview of other relevant activities in the period.

Listen to the Interpretations Committee podcast, in which Vice-Chair of the Board and Chair of the Interpretations Committee Sue Lloyd joins Technical Staff member Patrina Buchanan to discuss relevant activities and developments between October and December 2019. They summarise one final agenda decision to do with lease term and useful life of leasehold improvements, and two tentative agenda decisions—one relating to deferred taxes and the other to player transfer payments. They also discuss the status of several narrow-scope amendments that are currently in the process of being finalised.

You can listen to this and other podcasts on our podcast page, where you can also register to receive alerts when a new podcast becomes available. This podcast and all others are also available on our YouTube channel.