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The IFRS Foundation will publish a register to provide a public record of the International Accounting Standard Board members’ engagement with stakeholders.

The decision to publish the register reflects the desire to continue demonstrating the Board’s independence and accountability and is also in line with stakeholder feedback.

The register will complement the transparency arrangements that already exist around the Board’s standard-setting and its meetings with advisory bodies and stakeholder groups. All papers prepared for these meetings are published in advance on the IFRS Foundation’s website and the Board’s monthly meetings are streamed live on the internet and recorded for viewing later.

The register will include speaking engagements and face-to-face, web-based or phone meetings of more than 30 minutes duration. Members will capture the date, location and purpose of each engagement, as well as the name of the relevant stakeholder organisation.

Board members’ engagement with external parties will be published on the Foundation’s website quarterly from December 2019.