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In this webcast, International Accounting Standards Board (Board) Technical Director Kumar Dasgupta and Technical Manager Uni Choi discuss the Board’s preferred approach to presenting equity instruments.

The webcast covers how companies issuing more than one type of equity instrument should provide information about profits and other comprehensive income, and their distribution among these equity instruments. The Board has explored several approaches to presenting derivative equity instruments without deciding on a preferred approach. In this webcast, Kumar and Uni explain these approaches and their relative benefits.

This webcast is intended to prepare stakeholders to submit comment letters. It is the fifth in a series on Discussion Paper Financial Instruments with Characteristics of Equity.

The Discussion Paper sets out the Board’s preferred approach for issuers determining whether to classify a financial instrument as a financial liability or an equity instrument.

The next and final scheduled FICE webcast will discuss the presentation of financial liabilities.

All webcasts and other supporting materials are available on the FICE project page and on our YouTube channel.