A little over a year ago we launched our revamped website. Focusing on a more modern, accessible design, we altered the navigation, recreated project pages and placed more emphasis on information around IFRS Standards and how we support their implementation. We also attempted to bring to light more data on the use of IFRS Standards around the world.

In order to do this we undertook user testing to pinpoint key underperforming sections and enlisted the help of user experience experts for the design.

As it has been a year, we felt that now was a good time to get some structured feedback to help us with our continued development.

We are gathering information on the site in a number of different ways, including using analytics to assess the content we create. We are also continuing to focus on several areas of the site, such as moving historical project content from the archive site.

In addition to this, we would welcome feedback from our users.

The survey we have created is a very simple one and shouldn’t take more than five minutes. It’s not like most surveys—we are simply asking you to choose two sections of the site that you think work well, two sections that you think could be improved, and to tell us why in your own words. You can give us as much or as little information as you like. There is then an overall score you can give the site.

We believe this will give us more tangible feedback than simply rating different sections.

Thank you for helping to improve ifrs.org.

(The survey closed on 5 October 2018.)