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On 19 June the International Accounting Standards Board held a joint education meeting with the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB). This was followed on 20-21 June by the monthly IASB meeting.

The summaries of the discussions in both meetings make up the June 2018 IASB Update, which has been published. The IASB work plan has also been updated.

The topics at the IASB—FASB joint meeting, in order of discussion, were:

  • Segment reporting
  • Primary Financial Statements
  • Disclosure Framework / Disclosure Initiative
  • Fair Value Measurement
  • Goodwill and Impairment
  • Implementation (Revenue, Leases)
  • Update on all projects not otherwise covered

The topics discussed at the IASB meeting, in order of discussion, were:

  • Disclosure Initiative (Principles of Disclosure, Targeted Standards-level Review of Disclosures, Definition of Material)
  • Dynamic Risk Management
  • Research programme: Update
  • IBOR reform: research project proposal 
  • Primary Financial Statements
  • Insurance Contracts
  • Implementation
  • Islamic Finance Consultative Group Update
  • Business Combinations under Common Control

Previous Updates are available here.

View the work plan here.