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Do you want to follow the discussions and decisions made by the International Accounting Standards Board (Board)?

Our commitment to transparency means we publish all our discussions on the website. You can:

  • Read—we post agenda papers that set out the topics the Board will discuss at its monthly meetings more than a week before the meeting. After the meeting we post the IASB® Update, a summary of meeting discussions and Board decisions, including details on the next steps in a specific project.

  • Watch—we stream the Board meetings live on our website. You can watch as the meetings take place or at your leisure afterwards. We also post audio files.

  • Listen—after every Board meeting the chair and vice-chair of the Board, Hans Hoogervorst and Sue Lloyd, summarise the discussions and provide context, with help from Matt Tilling, the education director. In these 10-15 minute podcasts we also discuss events and other important developments. 

So how can you keep up with all this information?

All you need to do is:

  1. Go to the Board's about page. If you are already a subscriber go to your dashboard and log into your account.
  2. Turn on the follow button for the Board. You will be prompted to log in; if you are not a subscriber you can register.
  3. Use your dashboard to fine-tune your settings, including receiving email alerts (these are set to off by default so you must turn them on).

Every time we publish new content relating to the Board, such as adding Board papers, audio or the monthly podcast, we will write a news story. You will see this news story in your dashboard and your emails, should you choose to receive them. Timely updates whenever you want them.

You can follow individual projects, IFRS Standards and other consultative groups. Try it out! Remember, email alerts are not turned on automatically—to receive these you must activate them within the dashboard.