The October IASB podcast covers the International Accounting Standards Board's (Board) latest events and provides an update on the discussions during the October Board meeting. It features the chair and vice-chair of the Board–Hans Hoogervorst and Sue Lloyd–and education director Matt Tilling.

Hans summarises the many large events that took place since the last podcast, including the annual gathering of standard-setters from around the world, the World Standard-setters Conference; and meetings of the Accounting Standards Advisory Forum and the IFRS Advisory Council.

Sue talks about the Board's lively discussion on goodwill and impairment, and explains how the Board may improve the impairment model for goodwill and simplify the impairment testing that companies are required to do. She describes how the work on goodwill sprung out of the Post-implementation Review of the business combinations Standard, IFRS 3, while Hans reflects on why goodwill and impairment is such a hot topic.

Further on IFRS 3, which is a converged Standard issued jointly by the Board and the US standard-setter, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), Sue summarises what is likely to be the final Board discussion about an upcoming amendment to the definition of a business. She explains that the Board's views about how to amend the Standard is similar to the amendments the FASB made.

Hans provides an update on the Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting (Conceptual Framework) discussion at the Board meeting and some minor improvements to the revised draft of the Conceptual Framework presented by the technical staff, linked to the definition of a liability. Based on the current timetable, the revised Conceptual Framework will be issued in the first quarter of 2018.

Other topics discussed in the podcast include business combinations under common control, implementation issues and some of the upcoming events.