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International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) Chair Emmanuel Faber addressed the IFRS Sustainability Symposium in Montreal to provide an update on strong progress towards the delivery of the global baseline of sustainability-related disclosures for capital markets. Watch the full video of his speech below.

  • Emmanuel shared insights into the 20 redeliberation sessions the ISSB held to discuss the 1,400 comment letters the ISSB received, using this feedback to advance the contents of the initial two IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards—S1 and S2.
  • He thanked stakeholders in the room for their leadership in delivering this and reminded the audience of why capital markets and policy makers called on the IFRS Foundation to establish the ISSB, including the risks and opportunities of climate change for businesses globally.
  • Emmanuel went on to discuss the role of stakeholders globally in the successful implementation of this new language to bring the global baseline to life. He continued to articulate the role the ISSB will play in advancing the application and use of the Standards. He also called on stakeholders to play their role.