23 February 2016

Takatsugu Ochi reappointed to the IASB; Pat Finnegan to stand down in June 2016

The Trustees of the IFRS Foundation, responsible for the governance and oversight of the International Accounting Standards Board® (the Board), today announced the reappointment of Takatsugu (Tak) Ochi for a second three-year term and the retirement of Pat Finnegan, both effective 30 June 2016.

Mr Ochi was first appointed to the Board in July 2011. He is from Japan and has previously served as Assistant General Manager, Financial Resources Management Group of Sumitomo Corporation and as a Member of the IFRS Interpretations Committee. His second term will expire on 30 June 2019.

Mr Finnegan was appointed to the Board in July 2009, having previously served as Director of the Financial Reporting Policy Group at CFA Institute Centre for Financial Market Integrity and as a former Managing Director of Moody's Corporate Finance Group. He was reappointed to serve a second term in July 2014, but he has indicated a desire to return to the United States.

Michel Prada, Chair of the IFRS Foundation Trustees, said:

Tak and Pat have contributed greatly to the achievements of the Board during their period as Board members.

Tak’s deep understanding of the Asian environment has served the Board well as the large economies from that region have taken big steps towards adopting IFRS Standards. I congratulate him on his reappointment to serve a second term.

Pat has played a leading role in the Board’s work to deepen its co-operation with the investor community around the world.  We very much appreciate the significant contribution he has made in the past seven years, and wish him all the best in his new endeavours.

Following this announcement and the previous statement on the reappointment of Hans Hoogervorst as Chairman and the retirement of Ian Mackintosh as Vice-Chairman, the membership of the Board will be as follows:

Name    Title  Designation Term expires  
 Hans Hoogervorst  Chairman  At large  Second term ends 30 June 2021
 Ian Mackintosh  Vice-Chairman  Asia-Oceania  Steps down 30 June 2016
 Steve Cooper  Member  Europe  Second term ends 31 July 2017
 Philippe Danjou  Member  Europe  Second term ends 31 October 2016
 Martin Edelmann  Member  Europe  First term ends 30 June 2017
 Pat Finnegan  Member  North America  Steps down 30 June 2016
 Amaro Gomes  Member  South America  Second term ends 30 June 2019
 Gary Kabureck  Member  North America  First term ends 30 June 2017
 Sue Lloyd  Member  At large  First term ends 31 December 2018
 Takatsugu Ochi  Member  Asia-Oceania  Second term ends 30 June 2019
 Darrel Scott  Member Africa    Second term ends 30 June 2018
 Chungwoo Suh  Member  Asia-Oceania  First term ends 30 June 2017
 Mary Tokar  Member North America  First term ends 30 June 2017
 Wei-Guo Zhang  Member  Asia-Oceania  Second term ends 30 June 2017

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