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The Essentials aims to increase investors' awareness of IFRS Accounting Standards and to enhance insights drawn from information in financial statements prepared using IFRS Accounting Standards.

Each Essentials issue aims to provide an overview of how a specific Accounting Standard is relevant to financial-statement analysis.

Issue Highlights
Issue No.5: The Essentials—Analysing lessee financial statements and Non-GAAP performance measures Introduction to the new leasing Standard and disclosure requirements
Assessment of similarities and differences between the IFRS 16 financial statements of lessees and asset buyers
Comparison of lessees and asset buyers’ free cash flow (FCF) measures
Case study demonstrating the use of IFRS 16 disclosures in making adjustments to lessees’ FCF
Issue No.4: The Essentials—Busting insurance jargon New metrics for evaluating the performance of insurers
Premiums vs insurance revenue
What can you learn from the contractual service margin?
Disclosures and ratios
Issue No.3: The Essentials—Sizing Up the Balance Sheet Offsetting explained
When do banks report a net figure?
How does this tie in with Basel III?
Issue No.2: The Essentials—Presentation of Financial Statements Making the most of what’s presented in financial statements
Reporting principles investors will want to know
Reporting ‘extraordinary’ items
Issue No.1: The Essentials—Cash Flow Statements What you need to know about the cash flow statement
How do investors commonly look at free cash flow valuation?
Areas of debate about the cash flow statement