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About the Global Preparers Forum (GPF)

The GPF is an independent body from the International Accounting Standards Board (the Board) and the IFRS Foundation, with the specific aim to provide the Board with regular input from the international community of preparers of financial statements.

The GPF consists of members with considerable practical experience of financial reporting and are established commentators on accounting matters in their own right or through working with representative bodies in which they are involved. Members are drawn from a variety of industry and geographical backgrounds and are selected by the GPF on the merits of their professional competence and practical preparer experience in order to contribute to the development of high quality, global accounting standards.

The GPF members meet with the Board representatives three times a year at the IFRS Foundation office in London. One of those meetings is held jointly with the Capital Markets Advisory Committee (CMAC). The meetings are held in public and an audio recording will be made available on the website shortly after the meeting finishes. Meeting material and access to the webcast is provided via the meeting diary.

Members of the forum:

  • provide input into concepts and proposals that the Board is developing; and
  • offer advice to the Board on the practical implications of its intended proposals for preparers of financial statements.

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