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Why we work with the accounting profession

The accountancy profession promotes, develops and supports accountants worldwide. Their role is crucial in protecting the quality and integrity of accountants who are core to the rigorous application of the Standards.

We benefit from working with the profession in a number of ways:

  • their education of accountants in the application of the Standards;
  • receiving feedback at all stages during the standard-setting process; and
  • organising joint conferences and other events.

The profession benefits from working with us through:

  • access to materials and resources about the Standards;
  • input to the standard-setting process; and
  • conferences and events—and by having speakers from the IFRS Foundation participate at their own events to educate members.

Resources for the accounting profession


  • IFRS Accounting Standards Navigator—access IFRS Accounting Standards, IFRIC Interpretations, official translations, and other authoritative guidance, illustrative examples and bases for conclusions.
  • IFRS Sustainability Standards Navigator—access IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards (also known as ISSB Standards) and accompanying guidance.
  • IFRS shop—purchase print and digital editions of the IFRS Foundation's major works as well as subscription options for all IFRS Standards and related documents.

Stay up to date

Events and conferences

  • Upcoming events—an overview of upcoming meetings and events can be found in our meetings and events calendar.
  • Speakers—if you would like to request a speaker from the IFRS Foundation/boards for one of your own events, please follow our speaker request process.


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