The IFRS Foundation has staff members with a wide range of skills and experience. In this section you can meet some of them and get a better understanding of how their roles contribute to the organisation’s mission. These case studies were also featured in our 2018 Annual Report.

Simon Bohannon

AV & broadcast specialist

Joined: July 2018

From: United Kingdom

My job is to connect our London office with the rest of the world using different technologies, for example, through the live streaming of Board meetings and the recording of educational webcasts. I work with colleagues to make them feel comfortable with these technologies. I am also responsible for making sure the connections work as they should when we have virtual meetings with external parties.

Uni Choi 

Technical Staff member

Joined: July 2016

From: South Korea

I joined the organisation as a Practice Fellow—a secondee from an accounting firm. The opportunity to make a difference and improve financial reporting made me stay when my 18-month secondment finished. I work on standard-setting and implementation issues related to financial instruments. I also meet with national standard setters, investors, banks and regulators to understand their views on the Board’s financial-instruments related proposals.

Mari Carmen Civera

Adoption support manager

Joined: July 2013

From: Spain

As a member of the Translations, Adoption and Copyright team, I support jurisdictions adopting IFRS Standards with contractual arrangements and help them overcome translation-related challenges. I also translate updates and support materials into Spanish to help our stakeholders in the Spanish-speaking world. In addition, I am responsible for facilitating our relationship with the World Bank.

Natasha Flint

Legal counsel

Joined: December 2016

From: United Kingdom

My responsibilities range from protecting our intellectual property and brand to compliance and governance matters. I interact with different teams internally, providing them with legal and business advice. I also interact with external stakeholders, building bridges between their needs and ours and strengthening our relationships.

Gloria Lindfield 

Executive coordinator

Joined: May 2019

From: Nigeria/United Kingdom

I organise the IFRS Foundation’s events and conferences, including our annual World Standard-setters Conference, liaising with colleagues, the delegates, the venue and other conference partners. Working with colleagues across the organisation, I help develop the conference programme. I also make sure relevant stakeholders are aware of and invited to the events and that all my colleagues know their conference-related responsibilities.

Fred Nieto, CFA

Technical staff—investor engagement

Joined: June 2013

From: Canada

Explaining accounting changes to investors, using terms they prefer, is one of my main responsibilities. I facilitate dialogue between Board members, technical project leads and the investor community. I find out about investors’ needs and gather views on our activities and then feed this back to the organisation.

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