Tentative agenda decision—Classification of a particular type of dual currency bond (IFRS 9)


The IFRS Interpretations Committee tentatively decided not to add this matter to its standard-setting agenda at its meeting in March 2018. The Committee will reconsider the following tentative agenda decision, including the reasons for not adding the matter to the standard-setting agenda, at a future meeting. The Committee encourages interested parties to submit their responses using the link below.

Tentative agenda decision

The Committee received a request about how a holder would classify a particular financial asset applying IFRS 9. The submitter described a ‘dual currency bond’ with a par amount denominated in one currency and fixed interest coupon payments denominated in another currency. The fixed interest payments are paid annually and the par amount is repaid at a stated maturity date. The submitter asked whether such a financial instrument has contractual cash flows that are solely payments of principal and interest on the principal amount outstanding applying paragraphs 4.1.2(b) and 4.1.2A(b) of IFRS 9.

On the basis of the responses to outreach performed on the request, the Committee observed that the financial instrument described in the request is not common. Therefore, the Committee has not obtained evidence that the matter has widespread effect.

Consequently, the Committee [decided] not to add this matter to its standard-setting agenda.

Deadline for submitting comment letters: 22 May 2018


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