Exposure Draft and comment letters—Amending the Terms of Appointment for the IFRS Foundation Trustee Chair and Vice-Chairs


The Trustees invite comments on proposals to amend Sections 8 and 10 of the IFRS Foundation Constitution to:

  1. extend the maximum total length of service of the Trustee Chair and the Vice-Chairs;
  2. allow for sufficient flexibility to appoint the Trustee Chair from amongst the Trustee number or to appoint from outside the Trustee body; and
  3. to clarify terms governing Trustee reappointments.

If approved, the changes would allow the Foundation to benefit from continuity in leadership and the valuable experience gained whilst in office. It would also allow for greater flexibility in the process of appointing the Chair of the Trustees. The proposed amendments are set out in detail below.

If approved, the Trustees propose that the amendments should be effective immediately.

This Exposure Draft is structured as follows:

  1. an introduction to and explanation of each proposed change to the Constitution.
  2. a table setting out the text of Sections 8 and 10 as they currently stand alongside versions marked up with the proposed amendments. Text that would be deleted is shown struck through and proposed new text is shown underlined and in bold.

Deadline for submitting comment letters: 21 September 2018.


Comment letters are public and all comment letters received on the due process document can be accessed below.

If you have trouble finding a specific comment letter, please contact us.

Access individual comment letters in the table below or download all letters as zip file.

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