Webinars were recently held in English, Japanese and Chinese to introduce the Discussion Paper Business Combinations—Disclosures, Goodwill and Impairment, a consultation document of the Goodwill and Impairment project. Recordings of these live webinars are now available; each lasted approximately 50 minutes.

The International Accounting Standards Board is seeking feedback on the Discussion Paper Business Combinations—Disclosures, Goodwill and Impairment. The webinar discusses the Board’s preliminary views expressed in the Discussion Paper, which set out to improve the information companies provide to investors, at a reasonable cost, about the acquisitions those companies make.

A question and answer session with participants is included towards the end of each webinar.

View the recordings via the links below or visit our YouTube channel, where other webcasts and podcasts can be found.

Language Webinar materials
English View the webinar and slide deck
Japanese (日本語) ウェブセミナーとスライドを見る
Chinese (中文) 观看研讨会视频并下载演示稿

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