2012 Trustee review of the IFRS Interpretations Committee

On 2 May 2012 the IFRS Foundation Trustees published their Review of the Efficiency and Effectiveness of the IFRS Interpretations Committee.

The Trustees conducted the review through the use of a questionnaire that requested comments from interested parties and from members of the Interpretations Committee.

The primary recommendations of the review are:

  • that a broader range of 'tools' should be deployed by the Interpretations Committee, enabling it to be more responsive to requests for assistance;
  • to revise the criteria used to determine which issues the Interpretations Committee should take action on;
  • to improve the Interpretations Committee's communications regarding issues that it decides not to address; and
  • to expand the Interpretations Committee's outreach and the transparency surrounding its decisions regarding which issues to address.

The recommendations will enable the Interpretations Committee to deal with a wider range of requests. For example, the Interpretations Committee may make proposals to the Board for targeted, narrow-scope amendments that are beyond the scope of the Annual Improvements process, or proposals for additional illustrative examples of standards.

The combination of the Interpretations Committee's revised agenda criteria and its ability to deal with a wider range of requests should result in fewer instances of items being rejected from the agenda in future.

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