IFRS Foundation Due Process Handbook

The Due Process Handbook sets out the due process principles that apply to the International Accounting Standards Board, the IFRS Interpretations Committee and the IFRS Taxonomy.

The due process requirements are built on the following principles:

  1. transparency—the Board conducts its standard-setting process in a transparent manner;
  2. full and fair consultation—considering the perspectives of those affected by IFRS globally; and
  3. accountability—the Board analyses the potential effects of its proposals on affected parties and explains the rationale for why it made the decisions
    it reached in developing or changing a Standard.

Access the Due Process Handbook here.

Recent changes

The DPOC oversaw a major overwrite of the Due Process Handbook in 2012, with the final changes being published in February 2013.

The DPOC oversaw a review of the IFRS Taxonomy due process in 2015-2016. In May 2016, the DPOC approved the staff proposals for the final IFRS Taxonomy due process as an appendix to the Due Process Handbook.

For more information on the above amendments please go to the due process page on our archive site.

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