Reinhard Dotzlaw

IFRS Interpretations Committee member

Reinhard Dotzlaw

IFRS Interpretations Committee


IFRS Interpretations Committee member

Term expires:

30 Jun 2019


Reinhard Dotzlaw was appointed to the IFRS Interpretations Committee in May 2013 for a term of three years. He was re-appointed for a further three years with effect from 1 July 2016.

Reinhard is the National Managing Partner, Audit Professional Practice for KPMG Canada. He has overall Canadian Firm responsibility for all aspects of accounting and auditing standards, including the related Firm guidance, methodology and tools, technology, learning, professional communications and knowledge management.

Reinhard leads the Canadian Firm’s Department of Professional Practice (DPP) which has responsibility for administering and providing relevant guidance and training relating to the six financial reporting frameworks that presently are applicable for Canadian entities depending on their circumstances, including IFRS; US GAAP; pre-changeover Canadian GAAP; accounting standards for private enterprises, not-for-profit organizations, and pension plans. In this role, Reinhard had firm-wide responsibilities for providing professional practice guidance and support to clients and engagement teams relating to Canada’s transition to IFRS in 2011, ensuring a smooth transition from extant Canadian GAAP to IFRS.

Reinhard is also a member of KPMG’s Global IFRS Panel which is composed of senior technical partners from a number of countries from around the world. The IFRS Panel provides a platform at an international level to formulate KPMG's international policies on IFRS issues. The Panel also approves KPMG's international responses to IASB exposure drafts and discussion papers.

Reinhard currently is a member of the Financial Reporting Advisory Committee of the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA), which serves as a sounding board and provides advice to the CSA’s Chief Accountant’s Committee. He was a member of the Emerging Issues Committee of the CICA’s Accounting Standards Board prior to its disbandment upon transition to IFRS, which provided timely guidance on emerging accounting issues.

Reinhard is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario and is also a CPA (Illinois).

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