Amaro Gomes

Board member

Amaro Gomes

International Accounting Standards Board


Board member


01 Jul 2009

Term expires:

30 Jun 2019


Amaro Luiz de Oliveira Gomes joined the International Accounting Standards Board (Board) in 2009, having previously served as head of the financial system regulation department of the Central Bank of Brazil. Mr Gomes was reappointed to the Board to serve a second term in July 2014.

Mr Gomes played a leading role in the adoption of IFRS Standards in Brazil. As a senior official at the Central Bank of Brazil, he oversaw the introduction of IFRS Standards for regulated financial institutions. He was also a member of the bodies that led the introduction of IFRS Standards into Brazil—the Brazilian Accounting Practice Committee and the Brazilian Steering Committee for Accounting, created by the Brazilian Federal Accounting Council.

Mr Gomes has been an active proponent of international regulatory cooperation. He served on the accounting task force of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision. He also represented the Central Bank of Brazil and coordinated the Commission on Financial Services and the Sub-Commission on Accounting Issues at MERCOSUR.

From 1999 to 2003, he was Brazil’s representative to the Intergovernmental working group of experts on international standards of accounting and reporting, under the auspices of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

During his career as a financial regulator, Mr Gomes was directly involved in converging Brazilian prudential regulation with international standards and best practice, including the Bank for International Settlements’ Core principles for effective banking supervision and the Basel II Accords. 

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