Robert Morgan

CMAC member


Capital Markets Advisory Committee


CMAC member


Mr Robert Morgan CFA CPA, CGA has 20 years of financial analysis experience, mostly in credit. Currently he is on long-term secondment to a large mining company, where he is responsible for credit and treasury.

Mr Morgan started his career as an exploration geologist. After completing his MBA he joined the mining group at Scotiabank. He spent 10 years at Bell Canada, doing mostly financial analysis and structuring off-balance-sheet financings. Later he was Director for analysis and strategy at a public forest product company and VP Finance for a private technology start-up. He is a past member of the Accounting Standards Board of Canada and the past Chair of their User Advisory Council. He is also a past member of the CFA Institute Corporate Disclosure Committee ‘CDPC’, its predecessor the GFAC, and of the IASB Standards Advisory Committee.

Mr Morgan holds a BSc in Geology from McGill University and an MBA from Concordia University.

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