Kristian Koktvedgaard

Advisory Council member


IFRS Advisory Council


Advisory Council member

Term expires:

31 Dec 2020


Mr. Koktvedgaard is head of VAT, accounting, and auditing with the Confederation of Danish Industry and a member of the Danish Accounting Council.

Kristian Koktvedgaard is chair of International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants (IESBA) Consultative Advisory Group (CAG) and also represents BUSINESSEUROPE in the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board CAG.

Kristian Koktvedgaard is a member of the BUSINESSEUROPE Accounting Sounding Board. Mr. Koktvedgaard is actively involved in the Danish Accounting Forum, a body that brings together Danish stakeholders to discuss accounting and auditing issues. The Danish Accounting Forum is organising EFRAG Outreach events and Kristian Koktvedgaard is also part of the organising committee for the Annual Financial Statements Awards.

Kristian Koktvedgaard is also chair of the BUSINESSEUROPE VAT Policy Group and former vice-chair of the BUSINESSEUROPE Green Tax Working Group.

On the IFRS Advisory Council Kristian Koktvedgaard represents Businesseurope. Businesseurope is the representative body for all-sized enterprises in 34 European countries whose national business federations are the direct members.

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