Aziz Dieye

Advisory Council member


IFRS Advisory Council


Advisory Council member

Term expires:

31 Dec 2021


Aziz Dièye represents the Fédération Internationale des Experts-Comptables Francophones (FIDEF) on the IFRS Advisory Council.

He is the founder, Chairman and CEO of Cabinet Aziz Dieye, one of West Africa’s leading consulting and auditing firms. He is a Member of Senegal’s ONECCA (Ordre National des Experts Comptables et Comptables Agréés) and of OEC (Ordre des Experts-Comptables de France) and a founding member of FIDEF (Fédération Internationale Des Experts-Comptables Francophones), which he presended between 1986 and 1973.

Previous roles and membership included chairman of International Accounting Standards Committee (IASC) on Developing and Newly Industrialised Countries’ needs. He also was the chairman of the Intergovernmental group of Experts on Standards of Accounting and Reporting (ECOSOC) and the Economic Social and Environmental Council (ESEC). In 2004, he co-authored the Declaration of Nairobi, which created PAFA, the Pan African Federation of Accountants.

He graduated in Finance Management from the Universities of Bordeaux and Nice, and has a Master’s degree and Phd in International Public Law from the University of Nice. He also holds the French chartered accountant qualification (Expert-Comptable).

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