How the IFRS Interpretations Committee helps implementation

The IFRS Interpretations Committee (Interpretations Committee) works together with the Board in supporting the application of IFRS Standards. In order to do this, it needs input from external stakeholders.

Interpretations Committee Process

All Interpretations Committee projects begin life as an external question regarding an aspect of a Standard. The process is designed to:

  • allow any stakeholder to submit a question—you can submit a question to the Interpretations Committee below; and  
  • be open and transparent—all submissions get considered at a public meeting. 

The Interpretations Committee then follows a process summarised in the Due Process Handbook to decide whether to add a standard-setting project to its agenda to address the question, or whether to take an alternative approach.  Open questions currently being considered by the Interpretations Committee can be viewed here.

Standard-setting projects

Some questions result in standard-setting activity, such as improving or clarifying existing Standards. Information about all active Interpretations Committee projects can be viewed here.

Other activities

In many cases, the Interpretations Committee decides not to undertake any standard-setting activity. This might be because the Interpretations Committee concludes that standard-setting activity would not be:

  • necessary—normally because there is enough information contained within existing IFRS Standards and Interpretations for an entity to determine its accounting; or
  • helpful—for example, introducing new or amended requirements might assist one entity with a particular type of transaction, but could raise questions for other entities with similar, but different, types of transaction; or
  • appropriate—for example, because the question is too broad in scope to be addressed within the remit of the Interpretations Committee.

In these cases, the Interpretations Committee publishes an Agenda Decision. In many cases, Agenda Decisions include information to help those applying IFRS Standards. For example, if the Committee concludes that IFRS Standards already contain enough information to determine the appropriate accounting, the Agenda Decision might highlight the relevant paragraphs or provide other educative information about the application of IFRS Standards. 

All Agenda Decisions are below. These can also be viewed by IFRS Standard or Interpretation.

Find out more about the Interpretations Committee, its meetings and members here.


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