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Saturday 29 April 2017

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IFRS Taxonomy 2009

IFRS Taxonomy 2009 Exposure Draft

On 12 January 2009, the IFRS Foundation published for public comment an Exposure Draft of the IFRS Taxonomy 2009.

Published for public comment, the IFRS Taxonomy is a complete translation of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs) released in 2008 and published in the IFRS Bound Volume 2009 into XBRL(eXtensible Business Reporting Language), a language that is used to communicate information between businesses.

How to submit a comment

Please note that the comment period for the IFRS Taxonomy 2009 Exposure Draft is now closed.

The IFRS Taxonomy can be viewed and comments can be submitted through a tool called TRAX. The main benefit of this specific tool for taxonomy review is to provide all other reviewers the latest comments instantly as well as facilitate discussion between reviewers on specific issues.

If you so prefer, you can also provide us your comments by e-mail to xbrl@ifrs.organd/or by post.

In order to submit a comment via TRAX:

  1. Go to the Reviewtool.
  2. Log on using your subscription to the IFRS Taxonomy Comments System. If you do not have a subscription, and have not previously registered, you will be required to register. In order to register just enter your email address and click on Login . Registration is free and only takes 5 minutes of your time.
  3. Please complete new member details and click on Submit .
  4. On the website Access Denied click on Register .
  5. Click on Register for the trax-ifrs group.
  6. Select appropriate details and click on Submit .
  7. In order to review the IFRS Taxonomy click on View .
  8. To browse the taxonomy use the navigation tree to the left.
    To comment click on blue object (if you are not sure which object to use provide comment under General Feedback section).

Should you have any question about the way to review the IFRS Taxonomy 2009, please feel free to contact us at