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Sunday 26 June 2016

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Based on IFRS as global standards: a pocket guide

The IFRS Foundation has developed an online quiz based on the content of IFRS as global standards: a pocket guide. The Quiz contains 220 true-false questions. When you take the quiz you will be given 10 randomly selected questions. When you finish the 10 questions, the quiz is instantly graded with correct answers and explanations for the answers shown. You may repeat the quiz as many times as you like, with a new selection of 10 questions each time.

Access the IFRS Quiz.

Acceda al Cuestionario NIIF en español.

The IFRS Foundation will also make the entire set of 220 Q&As available to accounting educators and trainers who are using IFRS as global standards: a pocket guide as a textbook. For further information, please email ppacter@ifrs.org.


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