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Monday 22 December 2014

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IFRS translations

 Official translation process and policies


The  IFRS Foundation has a set translation process used for all languages.  The process is based on two key steps:

  1. Professional translation
  2. Review by a committee of accounting experts who are native speakers with proven knowledge and expertise in the area of the IFRSs.

The following procedure shows the steps for translation of IFRSs


The IFRS Foundation owns the copyright to all material it produces and all the translations. It is therefore essential that the IFRS Foundation is contacted before any material is translated. For more information on this, please see the section Adoption and copyright.

To check if there is already a translation in your language, please see the  Available translations page. The IFRS Foundation often works with accounting institutes and standard-setting bodies around the world to produce the translations according to our Official Translation Process.




Leilani Macdonald
Manager, IFRS Translation, Adoption and Copyright
email: Lmacdonald@ifrs.org