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Wednesday 01 April 2015

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 IFRS Taxonomy in Hungarian


The files for the IFRS Taxonomy 2012 in Hungarian are now available.

IFRS Taxonomy 2012

Hungarian Label Linkbase files

ifrs_2013_01_22_hu_zip (277 KB)


IFRS Taxonomy 2006

Hungarian Label Linkbase files

ifrs_2006_08_15_hu_zip (186 KB)


IFRS Taxonomy Illustrated available in Hungarian

In order to provide further support to Hungarian-speaking users of the IFRS Taxonomy, the IFRS Taxonomy Illustrated is available for viewing and use in Hungarian. The IFRS Taxonomy Illustrated presents a simplified view of the IFRS Taxonomy in an easy to read, visual format that does not require knowledge of XBRL, with linkages to the electronic IFRSs (eIFRS). It has been specially prepared for accountants, auditors and those wanting a comprehensive overview of the structure and content of the IFRS Taxonomy, in order to promote understanding of the Taxonomy and assist with preparing IFRS financial reports in XBRL format.