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Thursday 03 September 2015

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CPD training material

CPD training material

The IFRS Foundation Education Initiative is developing Continuing Professional Development (CPD)—sometimes called continuing professional education (CPE)—training material on the more recently issued Standards. 

The training material has been subject to multi-level peer review. It has not been approved by the IASB.

You need to be a registered user to access the CPD training material; the registration is free of charge. eIFRS subscribers and registered users of our webshop or public site can access the material with their username and password.

Not registered?

Register for eIFRS Basic or subscribe to eIFRS Professional. Once you have registered, return to this page and enter your username and password, when requested, to access the CPD training material.

Click on the links below to access the CPD training material:


IFRS 10 Consolidated Financial Statements (including investment entities) and related disclosures in IFRS 12 (including notes for presenters) [Zip]
IFRS 11 Joint Arrangements and related disclosures in IFRS 12 (including notes for presenters) [Zip]
 IFRS 13 Fair Value Measurement [Zip]


Project contacts

Michael Wells
Director, IFRS Education Initiative
email: mwells@ifrs.org

Elizabeth Buckley
Project Manager, IFRS Education Initiative
email: ebuckley@ifrs.org 

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