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Tuesday 05 May 2015

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 IASB meeting podcast archive

This is the archive for the IASB meeting podcast. From here you can download historical recordings.

The tables below contains past IASB podcast recordings: the Date column links to the associated meeting page; Topics covered gives a brief overview of the podcast content; and the Link column provides the direct download links.



Date Description Link
March 2015 Leases, Research Update, Disclosure Initiative, Revenue from Contracts with Customers—Issues emerging from TRG discussions, Conceptual Framework, Insurance Contracts
February 2015 Revenue Recognition, Leases, PIR for IFRS 3 Business Combinations, Disclosure Initiative, Comprehensive review of IFRS for SMEs, public consultation for Rate Regulation and Macro Hedging    
January 2015 Leases, Disclosure Initiative, Insurance Contracts, Conceptual Framework, Comprehensive review of IFRS for SMEs, Emissions Trading Scheme    



Please use the links below to navigate through the archive and find older episodes of the podcast.






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