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Monday 06 July 2015

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IFRS Translations Updates

 IFRS Translations Updates

The IFRS Translations Update is a regular publication aimed at reaching the IFRS translation community with pertinent news and information.

The Update will be published on a regular basis. Past editions are accessible from below. To receive the IFRS Translation Update as an email newsletter, please subscribe to our Translations alert or, if you are already receiving some of our alerts, use the manage alert option to add the Translation alert to your preferences.

IFRS Translations Update


Date View it in your browser Download as a PDF
IFRS Translations Update—January 2015                      
IFRS Translations Update—July 2013                      
IFRS Translations Update—March 2013                      
IFRS Translations Update—October 2012                      
IFRS Translations Update—June 2012                      
IFRS Translations Update—June 2011                      
IFRS Translations Update—February 2011                      
IFRS Translations Update—November 2010                      
IFRS Translations Update—July 2010                      
IFRS Translations Update—May 2010                      


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