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Thursday 27 April 2017

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2011 Advisory Council meetings

 Advisory Council meeting October 2011


An IFRS Advisory Council meeting was held on 10 and 11 October 2011. Below are papers and further information relating to this meeting.

An audio recording of the October 2011 meeting is available, please click here.

Agenda paperTitle
      1-1BWork plan and technical agenda [zip file]
      2Trustees� Review of the Efficiency and Effectiveness of IFRS Interpretations Committee
     3-3ATrustees� Due Process Oversight Committee Protocol [zip file]
     4-4BUpdate on the Trustees Strategy Review [zip file]
     5-5ARaising the profile of the Council / working with the Trustees [zip file]
      6Agenda Consultation � Members reactions and preliminary views
      7How to deal with the conceptual issues at stake at the present juncture � a paper prepared by J�r�me Haas
      8-8CRevenue from Contracts with Customers[zip file]
      9Insurance contracts � Joint IASB and FASB project � An observer�s view on open issues
      10Update on IFRS Taxonomy development in 2011 (including Interim Releases) Update on XBRL within the IASB
      10AXBRL presentation
      11Reports on the observance of standards and codes � accounting and auditing
    12-12AIFRS branding [zip file]
      13IFRS Education Initiative Plan 2012 - Part of the strategy for co ordinated education activities to meet the Foundation�s objectives through the period 2012 to 2016