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Monday 01 May 2017

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2011 Advisory Council meetings

2011 Advisory Council meetings

 Advisory Council meeting June 2011


An IFRS Advisory Council meeting was held on 20 and 21 June 2011. Below are papers and further information relating to this meeting.

An audio recording of the June 2011 meeting is available, please click here.

Agenda paperTitle
      1IASB chairman's work plan update
      2 Agenda consultation
      3-3AThe Council's performance self-review [zip file]
      4ASummary of cross-cutting issue discussions at the November 2010 Advisory Council meeting
      5-5AIFRS Translation [zip file]
      6The use of underlying earnings and non-GAAP measures
      7Who is implementing IFRSs � and how?
      7AWho is implementing IFRSs and how? � Break-out sessions
      9Trustee strategy review - Cover note
      10Integrated reporting
      11Feedback on European Outreach on Revenue Recognition and Leases