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Monday 29 May 2017

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Accounting Standards Advisory Forum (ASAF)

Accounting Standards Advisory Forum (ASAF)

ASAF membership

The ASAF comprises twelve non-voting members, represented by twelve individuals, plus the Chair. The IASB Chair or the Vice-Chair acts as the Chair of the ASAF.  In order to ensure a broad geographical representation and balance of the major economic regions in the world, the twelve members are from the following geographical regions:

  • One member from Africa;
  • Three members from the Americas (North and South);
  • Three members from the Asia-Oceania region;
  • Three members from Europe (including non EU); and
  • Two members appointed from any area of the world at large, subject to maintaining overall geographical balance.

The initial members are:


  • South African Financial Reporting Standards Council, supported by the Pan African Federation of Accountants (PAFA)

Asia-Oceania (inc. one 'at large')

  • Accounting Standards Board of Japan
  • Australian Accounting Standards Board
  • Chinese Accounting Standards Committee
  • Asian-Oceanian Standard Setters Group (AOSSG), represented by the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants

Europe (inc. one 'at large')

  • Accounting Standards Committee of Germany
  • European Financial Reporting Advisory Group (EFRAG)
  • Spanish Accounting and Auditing Institute
  • United Kingdom Financial Reporting Council

The Americas

  • Group of Latin American Standard Setters (GLASS)
  • Canadian Accounting Standards Board
  • United States Financial Accounting Standards Board

The Trustees will review the ASAF and its membership after two years.