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Thursday 25 May 2017

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About the XAC

 About the XBRL Advisory Council


The primary objective of the XBRL Advisory Council (XAC) is to provide strategic advice related to XBRL activities such as the development and adoption of taxonomies for International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs).

The XAC provides a forum where the IFRS Foundation�s XBRL team is able to consult individuals, and representatives of organisations affected by its work, that are committed to the development of high quality taxonomies.

Another key objective of the XAC is to support the XBRL team in the adoption and implementation of the IFRS taxonomy throughout the world. This may include the publishing of articles supportive of XBRL with the IFRSs and addressing public meetings on the same subject. Any such views expressed are personal, and should not create the impression that they are the opinions of the XAC (this objective does not preclude XAC members from independent critical analysis of the work of the XBRL team to assist better understanding of issues and solutions).

XAC meetings

Members of the XBRL Advisory Council are expected to attend two one-day meetings a year, usually in London, and to participate in four one-hour telephone discussions a year, but additional meetings may be convened at the request of the Chairman.

The meetings of the XAC are open to the public except for administrative items, which are dealt with in closed sessions.

Observe a meeting

To register as an observer for an XQRT meeting or conference call, please email your request to

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