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Friday 18 April 2014

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Senior staff

 The Board is assisted by a staff of more than 100 professionals, who work with the Board and project teams, conduct research, participate in roundtable meetings, analyse oral and written comments received from the public, and prepare recommendations and drafts of documents for consideration by the Board.

The general email address for contacting the IASB and IFRS Foundation is info@ifrs.org. Contact details for technical staff are available on their specific project page.

Contact details for senior staff are as follows:

IFRS Foundation


Yael Almog
Executive Director


David Loweth
Director for Trustee Activities

Mark Byatt
Director of Communications and External Affairs
Email: mbyatt@ifrs.org

Miranda Corti
Director of Operations
Email: mcorti@ifrs.org



Hugh Shields
Executive Technical Director
Email: hshields@ifrs.org


Alan Teixeira
Senior Director, Technical Activities
Email: ateixeira@ifrs.org

Wayne Upton
Director of International Activities and Chairman of the IFRS Interpretations Committee
Email: wupton@ifrs.org

Henry Rees
Technical Director
Email: hrees@ifrs.org

Kumar Dasgupta
Technical Director
Email: kdasgupta@ifrs.org

Peter Clark
Director of Research
Email: pclark@ifrs.org

Michael Stewart
Director of Implementation Activities
Email: mstewart@ifrs.org

Mike Wells
Director of IFRS Education Initiative
Email: mwells@ifrs.org


Contact us

  • Please see the  Contact us page for details on how to get in touch with the IFRS Foundation or the IASB
  • If you are interested in opportunities to join the IASB and IFRS Foundation, please go to our Vacancies page