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Friday 28 April 2017

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XBRL XQRT face to face meeting

Meetings calendar

 XQRT face to face meeting Tuesday 5 March 2013

XBRL will be holding the next XQRT face to face meeting on Tuesday 5 March. 

The meeting will be held at:

IFRS Foundation, 30 Cannon Street, London EC4M 6XH


Observers: To register for this meeting, please send an email to, with "XQRT face to face meeting 5 March" in the subject.

Items to be discussed

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Agenda reference Title     Date to be discussed
Review of outstanding actions from previous meetings
5 March
Planned activities for the next 12 months including IASB work plan and upcoming taxonomy release
5 March
3 Review of comments received on 2013 taxonomy
5 March
4 2013 common practice project
 5 March
5 Extensions
 5 March

Separating taxonomy management & technology - presentation
Separating taxonomy management & technology - paper
 5 March
7 Adoption of the IFRS taxonomy
 5 March

Technical challenges adopting the IFRS taxonomy
 5 March
9 Method of providing comments by XQRT members to IASB XBRL Team
 5 March