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Sunday 30 April 2017

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XQRT Conference Call

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 XQRT Conference Call May 2013


Scheduled conference call for XQRT

Date: Wednesday 8 May 2013, 2pm London time

Conference call


Observers: To attend this meeting as an observer please email:, with "XQRT conference call" in the subject.


Observers are encouraged to check the Website shortly before the meeting for last minute changes.

Agenda to be discussed

Welcome to new team member
Wednesday 8 May
Formulae Linkbase 2013 - commnets & feedback
Wednesday 8 May
Interim release update
Wednesday 8 May

Dial in details

Dial in number for the UK: 0808 1095644 or click here for relevant number for your country.
Participant Pin: 1792663#