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Wednesday 24 May 2017

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 Insurance Working Group meeting


Date: Thursday 24 March 2011


Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel (Lisbon A Room)
354 Queenstown Road
London, SW8 4AE (Sat Nav Ref: SW8 4PP)

Audio files

This meeting was recorded, to listen to the audio files click on the links below:

Agenda papers

The following agenda papers were discussed, to access, click on the titles below.

Agenda paper Title
1 Agenda paper 1: Insurance Contracts: Overview of papers for this meeting [PDF]
2 Agenda paper 2: Progress report on the insurance contract project (for information) [PDF]
3 Agenda paper 3: Progress on the IASB’s work plan (for information) [PDF]
4 Agenda paper 4 to 4B: Discount rate for insurance contracts [Zip]
5 Agenda paper 5: Unlocking the margin [PDF]
6 Agenda paper 6: Presentation of volatile information [PDF]
7 Agenda paper 7: Presentation of volume information [PDF]